Brilliant idea

Brilliant idea

A pity it’s not mine!

Recently, I’ve been discovering all kinds of interesting and attractive “magazines” online and of course, it’s the season for a visual feast of ideas and inspiration.  One of my favourites is “Sweet Paul” magazine and today, I came across this brilliant idea for fun gift tags and immediately wanted to make some for myself.


I opened Picasa where I organise all my photo uploads and used the “people” feature to identify a sweet photograph of each person for whom I have a present this Christmas.  Some of them need more than one tag, of course.  For the children, I found pictures of them as babies and they can have the added challenge of identifying themselves.

Having selected the thumbnail mugshots, I exported them to a folder on my desktop and then printed them onto white card in grayscale directly from Windows because I found that printing through Picasa opened up the whole original photograph and not just the face.  Printing nine to a page meant that they fitted my tag punch perfectly.  I punched a hole in the top of each and they’re ready to go.

Thank you Sweet Paul, for a brilliant idea.  I think they will go down very well.


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