The phrase “Going forward” is one of my bêtes noires, especially when used in business-speak (and I’m not alone, it seems).  Things are progressing though and at times, it’s good to observe the changes.


The porridge season is upon us, with a tablespoon of condensed milk to celebrate the first cold morning.  We lit the stove for the first time on Sunday, but having made that first step into Autumn, we’ve not felt the need for it since.


The journal’s ticking over nicely and the pages shaping up.  The happy accidents of the pre determined backgrounds are working really well and I’m delighted how it has come together.  Next time, perhaps I’ll write directly on the page – don’t really know why I didn’t do that this time – because I’ll certainly make another journal like this before long.


The samples and preparation for a class I’m teaching this weekend are coming along too, though it’s a bit like pulling teeth.  I’m juggling three similar projects right now, and trying to focus on any one of them is proving quite a challenge.  I really don’t like running things right up to the wire and would much prefer to have it all set out well ahead of time, but on this occasion, I think (hope) it’s all going to come together in the last 24 hours.  I had it all sorted (have it all sorted), but decided to change the running order around to make it work more efficiently and that means working out a few different timings and so on.   Usually, when I dither about like this it means I have too much time on my hands, because, like many of us, I work best under pressure!


Anyway, there was more important, interesting and rather gorgeous progress to note today.  The last time we saw these little hands they were rather smaller and not quite so good at holding giraffes.  Watching Samuel flexing his muscles and discovering how to roll over, I suspect that there’s soon going to be a good bit of progress on that front too!

The visit of our sweet friend and her lovely son was the perfect excuse to stop work and enjoy a couple of hours with them this lunchtime.  Unfortunately, having just waved them goodbye, I think it’s time to set to work again.

As soon as I finish this blog post ;-)

Who knew?