Interesting things hang in trees around here

Fresh from the success of cutting the paper doll and with an hour to spare yesterday, my mind wandered to the next challenge.  What else did I fancy making?  Well, some time ago, I came across paper chandeliers cut from music paper.  They were rather charming, quite pretty but fragile and I didn’t really want to spend a few pounds on such frippery.  But now, we have the technology…


Rather than dive straight in and draw a shape, I decided to google for an image of a suitable chandelier to inspire.  Lo and behold, not only did I find exactly the thing I was looking for, can you believe it was there as a cutting file already?  As if to confirm that there’s nothing new under the sun, Cheeky Magpie had shared the project she’d created and I was able to download it there and then.  Within minutes I had four paper chandelier shapes on my desk, just waiting for a bit of bling.


Of course, taking advantage of someone else’s work does mean that I didn’t get further practice in creating a file of my own.  But that’s not to say I didn’t learn from the process, or at least, relearn something.

Glitter gets everywhere.

Thank you, Sheila, for sharing your work.  I love it!

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Still playing