A Night Out




We went to A Do last night.  One of those occasions that require a surprising length of time primping and preparing, especially when staying overnight.




The party shoes were out of the box and then there was the age old question of what to wear




Yes, there is a theme, isn’t there?




Anyway, the occasion justified a bit of bling – the kind that can be spruced up in soapy water and doesn’t need collecting from the bank.  It’s about now that I am reminded of how easy the men have it at a black tie do, because no more than half an hour before leaving, my hero begins and completes his preparation and is ready to go.




It was an awards dinner, held at a museum venue we’ve been to on several occasions – not that we’ve ever seen an exhibit!  We were sitting with people we know and whose company we enjoy and counting ten chairs around the table and twelve bottles of wine on it, it was clear it was going to be a jolly evening.




I wasn’t the only one recording the occasion.




In fact, there was a photographer, a video cameraman who was filming the former government minister giving his address, showing on the large screen and other smaller screens around the enormous room.  Occasionally, there was one of those moments where the video was of the photographer taking a shot of the cameraman filming the photographer and it all got a bit much.




Especially since the music was loud.  Very loud.  And guess who was sitting right in front of the huge speaker?  At similar awards ceremonies, Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” used to be cranked up full volume as the winners were announced but we’ve moved on to Take That and “The Greatest Day of our Lives”.  With flashing lights and moving spots following the winners around the room, the atmosphere was….pumped !

There was a token beautiful lady on stage to add, ahem, visual interest to the overwhelmingly male ceremony.




The cabaret was very popular too – who’d have guessed that a string quartet would go down well with this audience?!



Actually, it was a fun evening in the company of our generous host, dinner was good and the conversation flowed as freely as the wine.  The star of the evening was undoubtedly the last announcement, the special award, often given to one of the industry great and good to mark a lifetime’s achievement.  But last night it was different – the winner was someone almost everyone in the room could relate to, the local manager of Stagecoach in Cumbria.  When faced with a challenging situation – and there have been several in his part of the world in the last year -  he had taken the initiative and acted quickly to keep everyone involved safe and comfortable as he could.  It was good that his quick thinking actions were recognised and rewarded and he was a worthy and popular winner.

Good Man.