Still playing


My challenge today was to get to grips with the program which appears to be the best choice for cutting my own designs using my CraftRobo.  It’s a free, open source Scalable Vector Graphics progam called Inkscape and as is the case with many of these niche-interest machines, there’s a really helpful forum where generous souls share their experience and knowledge.  A good job too, because I need plenty of that!




I began by drawing a paper doll template in the Inkscape program.  I followed all kinds of tutorials and help files and finally made it to the cutting bit.




I sat and watched as my small paper doll template was niftily cut from the corner of my card.  Well, I wanted it small, but…




Did I really want it this small?




Perhaps I did! 




It’s not right yet, there were one or two places where it didn’t cut and I needed to separate a couple of bits with my scissors.  I’m hopeful that one or two expert Inkscape and CraftRobo users will be able to explain where I went wrong.  But hey, for now, I’m thrilled!!




Time to play