Up early


Getting back into our normal everyday routine means getting up a little earlier than we have been doing.  Not that we're stay-in-beds here in this household of larks, but today's 8.30am appointment did mean that lingering in the bathroom wasn't an option this morning.

There was a reward though, in the form of the most magnificent sunrise over the valley.  Not only that, but there were layers of mist to add interest too - thin wispy stuff close at hand and thicker, white dense clouds filling the further reaches over towards the southeast.

Though the sun rose into a bright blue cloudless sky later, the temperature never rose above freezing all day.  The three young men working at our local car wash still managed a smile and a joke in spite of the cold - I preferred to sit inside by the radiator and do the crossword!




365 - a photo every day

365 - a photo every day