Show season


It was Moreton Show yesterday, which meant an early start. 




We were there well before our 8.30am report time and found everything ready and waiting for us.  There were  quite a few entries in the hand embroidery class and some exquisite beaded jewellery, carefully made garments, lovely hand made cards and a few inventive recycled items too.  As always, it was great to see what clever people can do – here’s hoping our judgements were helpful and fair.  It’s always especially hard when someone enters their carefully completed work which doesn’t quite conform to the rules, in this case entering a set of 24 embroidered cards when the schedule stated quite clearly “an item of hand embroidery”.  What to do?  Well, in this case, the steward randomly selected one of the cards for judging and the show secretary wrote a short note of explanation.  But there was surely at least one disappointed exhibitor yesterday afternoon and for that, I felt sorry.




Having finished our work, we took the opportunity to take a look at the other classes before the doors opened.  These beautiful dahlia were all primped and perfect – not my favourite flower but who could not admire the care and attention which had gone into those exhibits?




After a delicious hot lunch of roast beef, I was looking forward to visiting the Herefords!  Relaxing in the warm sunshine, being sprayed with a fine mist of scented insect repellent, these gorgeous creatures were content to accept all the acclaim.




Some prizewinners were being taken to the ring to pose for photographs.   Modelling demands a good deal of patience and this fine fellow was running short on his.  Asked to place his four feet squarely on the ground, he was doing his best, though somehow that did not seem to be good enough for the photographer, who seemed intent on achieving nothing short of perfection.  As I took this shot,  he had enough and decided to take his owner for a walk instead!




The sheep were finding the sunshine a bit challenging and were doing their best to find what little shade they could.




After watching the best of breeds compete for their “best in show” rosettes, it was time to head back home.  For me, the show season is nearly over for another year.

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