365 - a photo every day

365 - a photo every day

On January 1, 2008, a group of friends suggested taking a photo every day to upload it to our blogs.  I was a bit slow in starting, with the result that I had no photograph to upload that day - I cheated and uploaded a photograph from the previous January 1st instead.  But since then, I have taken a photograph each day and posted it to my 365 blog, over on Blogger.

Somehow, I have managed to keep it going, never missing a day even though I might have to wait a couple of days to upload one or two because of a dodgy internet connection.  My aim was to create a visual diary of the year, choosing images which represented what I'd been doing and what was going on.  Some are a little oblique and mean little to anyone but me.  Many record sad times and I prefer not to go there for now - that first month in particular was especially tough.  But I'm pleased I kept the record and looking through the images provokes many more happy memories than sad ones.

I've just spent the afternoon uploading the first four months of 2009, first to Flickr and then to the archive here on my Squarespace site, creating a Pictobrowser for each month.  During the next few days, I'll try to complete the archive for 2009 - click on the 365 link above to see the photographs.

Up early

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