Putting the lid on it

We awoke, this last day of 2008, to a cold world outside - thankfully we were snuggy warm indoors.

We don't go a bundle on New Year celebrations and neither of us do regret at all.  So, no maudlin thoughts here and absolutely no resolutions.  As for the "Review of the Year" - anyone who has witnessed my reaction to seeing yet another excuse to repeat stuff that was boring the first time round will know not to expect anything like that here.

So, tonight we look forward to an evening with friends who will surely stay till next year.  Then tomorrow, we'll pack Christmas away and set off for a weekend with Edward, celebrating his birthday a little prematurely but with as much enthusiasm (and good food, no doubt) as always!


I've just posted my last photograph of 2008, amazed that I've kept it going throughout the year.  Taking a photograph each day has been a great way to record the ups and downs of life here (and there) and has become an established habit I intend to continue.  Later, I'll collate all the years photographs and copy them to the archive here but I'll continue to post daily to the 365 site at Blogger, because it's easy!

I also intend to get a book of the photographs from 2008 printed for us.  Recommendations for printing services would be welcome.


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and trusting that 2009 won't be anything like as bad as THEY say it's going to be! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish it could be Christmas every day...