3100 miles later


One of the amazing aspects of our road trip is that we have not taken the same road twice, so the journey home has been totally different from the outbound route and that's made it all the more intereseting.  Setting off from Strasbourg to drive to Lille yesterday morning however, we felt that we were really very much ready for home.  Long empty roads made the drive a bit of a chore, although the excitement of a Luxembourgoise motorway service station was fun.  Cheap petrol, booze and cigarettes meant that every car on the road stopped there - and we only wanted to use the loo!



But Lille on a sunny Saturday afternoon was a fine place to be.  We had a slight hitch in that our planned hypermarche visit had to be rescheduled - we hadn't realised until now that the Cite Europe doesn't open on Sundays.  Sadly, Auchan Lille on a Saturday evening is not exactly the therapy we needed but having been there, done that, we took refuge in a great restaurant and a wonderful supper.



Today, it really was the last lap and tonight we are at home having dropped Edward off at his home in Finsbury Park.


It's been a great trip - ten countries, ten hotels, just over 3000 miles and about 1500 photographs!  Over the next few days, I'll share a few details which escaped the blog so far - a little hotel art maybe and a few other observations.  For now, though, my own bed is the most inviting thought!



unpacking, so far