Time to explore this fine city this morning and so we set off in the direction of the old town.



We were delighted that the sun came out and as we stood on the Ponts Couverts we heard a vehicle so stood aside, only for it to park right beside us.



Now what a view!



More than a little patience was needed as delivery vans came from all directions to negotiate these old, narrow streets; we guessed that there was some kind of curfew.



It made wandering around a little more of a challenge and we began to get irritated that wherever we stepped, we seemed to be in the way.



We decided to leave these four to sort it out amongst themselves and went off in the opposite direction to find a quieter spot.



In the cathedral all was a little more calm and reflective.  Turning the corner to see this magnificent structure last evening was magical and stepping inside proved to be equally breathtaking.



We loved the scale of the place, the cool dark corners and the vast height of the nave.



How's this for a door hinge?



 Above the souvenir shops and cafes, there are some lovely corners to spot.



I had the Musee des Arts Decoratifs to myself as Mark and Edward went off into the Archaeological Museum upstairs and though there were quite a few interesting items on display, it's wasn't exactly my kind of place



Nor my kind of exhibit.



So we went shopping.


3100 miles later

On parle Francais