On parle Francais

But it's awfully hard after three weeks of thinking in German. 



We left Ponte Tresa after breakfast, the lake shimmering in the morning sunshine and told ourselves that we should come back, soon.



It was a surprisingly easy drive, through the Gotthard tunnel and across Switzerland on mostly familiar territory.  We made a stop near Luzern to sit and gaze at green pastures, the mountains and take in the atmosphere we love so much - our last chance for a while.



For in no time at all, we were in Strasbourg and the driving over for the day, we could sit and relax and hope the rain held off long enough for us to stay dry.  It didn't, but we didn't really mind.



We'll come back tomorrow, in better light, to take in more details of the cathedral, but couldn't resist spotting these charming horses, peeping through the openings.



Edward noticed this amusing gargoyle who seemed to be calling to us about something.  Reminding us to speak French not German, perhaps.



 because there's no doubt, we are in France!



Perhaps some of that wallpaper will find its way into our brains as we sleep and we'll wake up more in tune?






Homeward bound