unpacking, so far


from top to bottom, left to right: 

  • warm, felted slippers from Linz
  • little lace stars for my Christmas branch, from the Erzgebirge
  • a small windmill from the same place
  • a cookbook with tasty ideas to serve in "Verrines"and a dozen of the smallest glasses.  Another cookbook with recipes for mini-madeleines - sadly, we ran out of time to find the baking tin
  • a quarter yard remnant of embroidered "trachten" velvet and the matching silk lining to make a scarf, from the Salzburg Heimatwerk shop
  • a few favourite pads and pochettes of art paper from Lille
  • my friend's book ordered by and collected from a delightful independent bookshop in Salzburg
  • delicious (and beautifully packaged) biscuits from Strasbourg
  • three balls of Zauberwolle from a small woolshop in Linz whose name I failed to record

Shared enthusiasms

3100 miles later