Quite some downpours here in the last 24 hours, but fortunately we are able to walk in the dry to the next village and back last night, to our friends' Eurovision party.  The air this morning is fresh and warm, however, and a walk in the garden was therapeutic after a late night.



Clearly we weren't the only ones who had a party last night.  The slugs and snails have had a feast!



I love the way the water droplets stay on the petals and catch the sunshine.



Even some of the scruffier plants look better for a shower.



The pond is full and there is a bit of activity under those lily leaves.



Looks like it might be a good year for plums



But many of the cherries have bitten the dust already.



The apples are looking good and we'll look forward to those later in the year



and we love gooseberries.



The N&P flight (World Famous in New Zealand) is looking good and ready to go.



Which is just as well, for the next shower is coming in and will start soon!

Have you seen this?

Mat Reg