Mat Reg

My recent post about Robert Curthose prompted me to find out a little about him and as my knowledge of history is minimal, I was pleased to discover a link to something - or rather, someone - I already knew: Robert's Mother, Matilda.



Tonight, I'll go to my monthly WI meeting in Avening, where the church was consecrated on the 14th September in 1080,  having been commisioned by none other than Matilda herself.   



Avening itself celebrates Matilda's role in its history by an unusual feast : Pig Face Day.  Matilda's legacy to the village is also commemorated on the coat of arms, which bears the motto Mat Reg.



Knowing as little as I do about medieval history, then, you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that link and to find two pieces of the vast historical jigsaw that actually fit together!


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