Christmas Eve


It’s done.  The turkey is in the fridge, everything we need for the next few days (and probably a lot more besides) is now here and we are ready.


IMG_6221 copy-001


Fortunately, we checked online last evening to find out when we could collect our order and discovered that the store was opening at 7am – an hour earlier than previous years.  So, we bundled ourselves up and braved the remains of last night’s storm, intending to avoid the ridiculousness that is a supermarket at Christmas time. 




We drove through flood and considerable debris on the road and though we’d heard the wind buffeting about during the night, we’d not realised quite how much rain had fallen too.  I envied Edward, still tucked up warm and snug in bed!




Even at 6.55am, the queue had formed and was waiting patiently for the doors to open.  Thankfully this year, everyone was on good form and when a small cheer went up from those at the front, we inched forward, not forgetting our good manners.




Once inside, all was efficiently dealt with and one wondered what all the fuss had been about.




I mean, was it really necessary to have ordered the bird at all?  There were plenty of supplies still there and a good choice, too.  But of course, we are control freaks and wouln’t dream of leaving such things to chance.  I did, however, wonder about getting all of this done a day earlier next year.




By 7.15am we were done.  There was no rush and surprisingly there had been no crowds to negotiate.




Perhaps they were just arriving?  But, satisfied that we’d got everything we needed – and more – we made our way home again where, far from tucked up cosy and warm and enjoying a lie-in, someone was actually hard at work in the studio. 




Edward was sitting at his father’s computer, working on the project which has been the focus of the last few months.  

Bacon butties all round, don’t you think?!




Settling in for the next couple of days and looking forward to a peaceful time at home, may I wish you a very Happy Christmas.  I hope Father Christmas is generous and that you are not on his naughty list!

The far side

How many sleeps?