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Here we are.  Boxing Day and all is well.  We had a really lovely day yesterday, our stockings were filled with good things and it was unanimously agreed that the turkey really was the best ever, even if we opted out of our clever new oven’s special settings in favour of a simple “170C" for as long as Delia said.




The miserable darkness of the day before had blown over and on Christmas morning, I marvelled at the glorious weather; the beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  My sore throat had developed into a full blown, sneezing and wheezing cold but with two such capable cooks taking charge in the kitchen, all my m-i-l Bettine and I had to do was to sit at the table, to watch them work and congratulate ourselves on two Mothers’ jobs well done.




We’d already delved into our stockings and opened one or two presents, fuelled by a glass or two of very good Prosecco (thanks, Lynn!)  My sweet dh had braved the patronising manner of the perfumery saleswoman to replenish my occasional No 5 jag (Rive Gauche is the scent which those who know me well associate with me, but from time to time, we need a change, right?)  But it was the son and heir who hit the spot with a bottle of a rather delicious gin he’d found and yes, we did pass the bottle around for a quick taste each!  Thankfully, the bag of frozen blueberries were on hand to garnish the pre-lunch G&Ts – medicinal, in my case, of course.




The rest of the day went by in the blink of an eye.  We opened the remaining presents and were delighted by each surprise as it was revealed.  The kitchen was cleared, the washing up done and in no time at all, peace and order was restored.  We were nearly as relaxed as the Father Christmas from New Zealand on Fiona and Wayne’s gift tag!




Oh dear, perhaps after all of these years, my dh has acquired some of my bad habits too?  I guess new shoes do pinch, rather?




So, Christmas night and Lynn’s huge red candle still burned as brightly as it has done for the past few evenings whilst the seemingly bottomless supplies of goodies continued to tempt us.  As we watched Downton Abbey, there was a more practical alternative to a G&T close to hand.




Today, the sneezes have given way to the chesty cough, so it will be a Benylin fuelled afternoon nap today, I suspect.  Meanwhile, the sounds from the kitchen are the same sighs of frustration as I heard when the last new laptop with Windows 8 was set up.  Hopefully the ham which is bubbling away on the stove will boost Edward’s willpower and determination to win through in the end, but the challenges of a new computer are many.




I have plenty of reading material to keep me happy for quite some time and a good balance of inspiration, entertainment, and sheer charm too.




Oh, and Olaf, the new bear on the block is on hand to show me to my favourite reading spot, too.

Was the word “cute” mentioned?

Christmas Journal 2013

Christmas Journal 2013

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