I suppose the name of my blog gives a clue to my philosophy of life - if I could be grand enough to have such a thing.   I think the ability to recognise "enough" is greatly under rated and think back to a poster on the wall of the library in the first school I worked.  It was a cartoon of a small rowing boat with two or three hippos squashed in; another one was about to leap onboard and the caption said it all:

More is not always better.


So yesterday, dawdling in the bathroom as often happens on a Sunday morning, I found myself nodding along with Clive James as he spent five minutes voicing a few thoughts on matters of taste, ostentation, yachts, wealth and the US election.  I didn't realise we felt similarly about so many things.

The script of his programme can be read here and there's a listen again link alongside.


Russian Oligarchs may find some parts of the programme upsetting.


Point Zero

Issues of security