Point Zero

Some time ago, I read a newspaper article that referred to Point Zero - that very special state needed for something to happen.  In my case, to begin a new arty project.  It's all to do with having the time, no distractions or obligations and the correct materials to hand. As the all-time mistress of displacement activity, I will admit this state has been pretty rare around here!

But with the ironing basket (almost) empty, a couple of free days in my diary and a new book (together with extra emailed ideas, thanks to the creative genius that is Maggie Grey) I gathered a few bits and pieces to play.

 Even though I happened to have exactly the right media, for some reason the results didn't turn out as expected and some further experiments are needed before I can claim total satisfaction with the outcome.

But the surfaces are interesting, the process was therapeutic and I'm looking forward to another go, maybe using a different brand of gesso.


Anyway, the blue and purple paint under the fingernails will be great at the posh do I'm going to on Wednesday!

Interesting week