Issues of security


Finding ourselves with a day free of commitments and one or two errands to run, we headed for Bristol on Tuesday.  First stop, the new Cabot Circus shopping centre - very smart.

(in creating that link to the Wikipedia entry for the centre, I discovered a discussion taking place about it - have not come across such discussions before but found it an interesting read)


We loved the sweeping curves of the glass roof structure, and the inside/outside feel - wouldn't want to be that window cleaner though.



We were surprised to see wildlife grazing



and this Hundertwasser-ish wall was fun, too

But taking this photograph, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  No photographs allowed.






But I couldn't be bothered to argue, so camera went back in my bag and after giving the chap a Hard Stare, we went and had lunch in Carluccios.  Very good it was too.  In the afternoon, we did an IKEA run (not a good idea, half term holidays!) and nipped into Get Knitted.



Yesterday I was reminded of another measure taken for my safety but this one doesn't make me cross, but instead I have a small giggle to myself.



Well, it's in a place almost exclusively used by sensible, grown up women and is sited some fifteen yards or so away from the potential danger spot.

Fast running water?  Deep and treacherous lake?

No, a shallow, ten foot diameter garden pond with an ornamental edge and a fountain in the middle.


But it's good to know it's there, just in case I fell in.


The thing is, who would throw it to me?



Whatever you'd call it