Whatever you'd call it

I'm blessed with a husband who likes to know exactly where he stands in terms of the important things in life - mealtimes in particular.  Brunch is a concept little known in this household since breakfast and lunch are important features of the day and what about elevenses?  So when we received an invitation to friends for Sunday lunch some weeks ago, with advice to arrive around 2pm, someone went into a little tailspin.  Surely there must be some mistake....how would he last that long after breakfast?  And then what about tea?


I'm glad to say the whole "late lunch" affair was a huge success and "we" are total converts to this idea.  So much so, that enjoying the company of friends staying for the weekend and already committed to a concert on Saturday night, we invited a few for a late lunch yesterday - or was it an early supper?  Sunday morning was a casual cooking time with conversation over the newspapers around the kitchen table, as gradually the table was set and friends arrived.

Ten of us enjoyed a long, leisurely meal, talking and laughing our way through the last of the weekend sunshine.  As dusk fell, candles were lit and more wine was poured until eventually, goodbyes were said and the home team shared the clearing up.  At last, the final glass was put away, the worktops cleared, the dishwasher humming.  We retired to the sitting room with coffee and a few last chocolates.

Best thing of all?  It was only 9.30pm!  What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

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