Bleh. Don't you hate it when things don't go smoothly?

Preparing to go on holiday next week, I have a long list of things to do. OK, many of them are long standing commitments, things I ought to have done ages ago when the days or weeks stretched ahead of me. Instead, they are left till last minute and any glimpse of an item associated with the task brings on a spasm of conscience, which in this heat manifests itself as a cold sweat.

So, one item on the list was to make samples for a Christmas craft pack. Easy peasy - I'd volunteered to do this one, had even chosen the samples myself - no pressure from anyone. Had all the materials to make folksy "naive" felt peg-doll angels and elves, just needed to sit down and get on with it. Which I did yesterday. And failed.

Using red and white felt together is not to be recommended. The white felt is covered in fluff from the red felt, which makes the angels very grubby-looking indeed! The glue seeps through the felt in no time, however careful I am to use the tiniest amount. The pegs are too big to make the things look in any way classy or desirable...and what was supposed to be an easy, beginners no-sew item looks crummy and certainly anything but naive. If I can't get them to work right, then the innocent craft novice hardly stands a chance of achieving the guaranteed success these packs have to offer if they are to work well.

Wish me better luck today working on the other sample - a small gift box along the lines of a miniature American-style "takeout" box. Oh, and in making 200 macaroons, another fine mess I got myself into!

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