In case of boredom...

I've reached the stage of making piles of things to pack tomorrow, and simply have to have a supply of distractions in case I'm bored. The boredom threshold of a gnat is something I aspire to.

Here in the pile, there are
Four novels: The Kite Runner - started on the Como trip but not half way through, The Sea (John Banville) Booker prizewinner, State of the Union (Douglas Kennedy) and A Wedding in December - Anita Shreve (because we'll be in The Berkshires too)
My ipod loaded with music, talking books and podcasts, including Cast On and In Our Time , favourites I don't normally have time to listen to properly.
My ipaq PDA with my address book, diary and, most important, Bejeweled and Bubblet
Knitting - hoping to conquer that second sock syndrome
Sketchbook/Journal - will try to keep a record of what we do
Artpack - everything but the kitchen sink - crayons, paints, glue, pencils and more
Sudoku book - might have to share this with Mark since he's discovered Sudoku himself
General Knowledge crosswords - Mark's Mum cuts these from the Saturday Telegraph for me, but never includes the answers.

..and last but not least, our baby laptop, so that we can keep up with family and friends, upload our photographs and play spider solitaire.

No room for The Bible and Shakespeare!

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Holiday photo from Canada