It’s that time of the year again.

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We’d had the advance notice in the form of a “45rpm single” back in January and reading the blurb and playing the Spotify playlist we felt pretty confident it was going to be a classic.


We stole a march on our previous habits in waiting till August to see the show, when Giffords arrive on our local common and joined dear friend Mary and her group of travelling companions at Sudeley Castle last night. We held our breath rather - would these Giffords novices be as captivated by the show as we are?


We needn’t have worried. As usual, Tweedy warmed the audience up with his silliness (and Keith, his pet iron) and we were into the sixties/seventies soundtrack and tapping our feet (knowing every word of those songs, of course). One of the first acts was Lil Rice who started out in a fairly understated way, spinning that wheel and simply stepping through it as she sang - her voice was mesmerising. But before long, she was spinning around in that wheel - still singing - and her act was breathtaking. We’d never seen anything like it.


The show was fast paced, the music was fab and one song after another kept us captivated. There was a story…as much as it mattered…and a bit of good humoured audience participation too. The whole show was upbeat and full of spirit - we gasped, giggled, laughed and cheered throughout. We loved it.


The design of the show was better than ever, I thought, with the lighting being a key part of the creation of those psychedelic days of flower power, peace, love and understanding. The speciality acts were terrific and altogether remarkable - different from those we’ve seen before - and there wasn’t a single dull moment.


Above all, I always enjoy and admire how every single one of those performers appear to love what they are doing. Their smiles and clear enthusiasm are infectious and by the time the finale came around, we were all part of that “love train”!


The fun wasn’t over: we had supper in Circus Sauce and when some of the cast joined their friends around the table, the party was only just starting. For us, it was time to leave though - with a definite “See you in Minch!”

We’ll be back.

Great minds

Great minds