Do da do da do da diddly day


That’s what we were humming as we left the circus last night.




We’re fans of this wonderful bunch of people, who somehow manage to put together a show which is not only thrilling, sexy and beautiful but also very clever, stylish, simple, funny and altogether quite enchanting at the same time.  As soon as we learned of this year’s show, we got our tickets booked and got the date in our diaries. 




Our friends are the Pimms providers, bringing along all the vital accompaniments as well as home made macaroons for the interval.  They look after us very well!




We parked on the common, attended by very smart young men




some of whom bore the marks of earlier encounters!  Sadly, the sunshine was fleeting and good as the Pimms tasted, we didn’t waste any time before going into the warmth of the circus tent, where the entertainment had already begun.




Gradually, the rows of benches filled up, we shuffled along to make room for extras on the ends of our rows and watched as bubbles were blown above our heads, played a silly clapping game with a clown and generally warmed up for the show.




Nanny gave us our safety briefing, reminding us to take our woollies out at the interval because it’s getting a little chilly out there.




The show began, telling us the real life story of Yasmine, a small girl growing up in the circus, featuring Yasmine herself as the top of the bill.  For us, however, there were other stars of the show.




The band were terrific.  A bunch of very talented musicians, who are able to fool around and still turn their hand to singing, dancing, playing a variety of instruments whilst having a great time too.  This time, there was a kind of eclectic thirties/forties feel to the music, a rather toe tapping do dah rhythm which stayed with us out to the car park!  We love them.




Who couldn’t love Brian the goose, seen here with a couple of little friends (the small sausage dog isn’t quite visible there in Toti’s bicycle basket) as he paraded around the ring a few times, much to everyone’s delight.




As for the clown, well…what talent!  Not only a extremely accomplished recorder player, he had us all in fits of giggles every time he appeared.  So clever, such simple but charming humour won over the whole audience.




The costumes deserve a mention of their own.  Beautifully made, all those little details on hats and shoes add to the style of the whole shebang – and by the way, the woman in the cornflower blue dress had just done the most amazing tightrope act which took our breath away.  What talent!




Two handsome young jugglers, a very clever balancing act, a most intriguing performance by an "automaton”, the like of which we have never seen before (and which was at the same time both captivating and creepy!) and finally, Yasmine’s  liberty horses, it was all over.  Humming that do dah tune, we made our way out into the inky blue night.




Next stop, our seats at the “Sauce” table under the awning attached to one of the circus wagons.  There, ready and waiting, beautifully set in Bridgewater style.  A delicious supper finished the evening off in perfect fashion.

Going to the circus was never so much fun. 


(Edited to add a few links now I’ve found the webpages of some of these amazing performers)


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Road Trip Journal