Keeping busy

Keeping busy

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When I don’t write a post for a few days, it’s generally because we are busy enjoying ourselves, as has been the case during the last week or so.  With a day at home, I’m ready to catch up with things generally, not only the washing


I don’t think I posted a picture of this cute entry in the “peg bag” class of a local show?  I thought it a great idea and rather topical too, don’t you agree?


It’s been an inspiring few days one way and another, with a gathering of my friends, the Artful Dodgers at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last week.  It’s always good to see what they are up to and to catch up with each other in real life, even if we do chat incessantly online!


There were some stunning examples of technical skill at the show.  This one caught our eye just as the steward was revealing the back to another visitor.


I am in awe of such precision!


I’m not sure the design is to my taste, however clever the sewing is (though this was just a small corner and possibly not representative of the overall effect, to be fair).


I couldn’t imagine working all those french knots, either, though on closer inspection, a few of them were actually small beads.  A real heirloom, wouldn’t you say?


For me, I’d rather have something like this – practical, soft, interesting design and beautifully made whilst not too precious to actually use and enjoy. 


None of which could be said about this little treasure, found in Avening church when we dropped in last weekend!  It’s a real blast from the past, created by a group of WI ladies for a competition years ago to depict a story of the church bells being stolen in the dead of night by a bunch of people from the next village.  Who’d have thought that all these years on, it would still be there, sitting on a windowsill in the church?


We were showing the beautiful Norman church to our sweet friends Bill and Wendy, from New Hampshire, explaining to them how it had been founded by William the Conqueror’s wife Matilda in 1079.  It’s so easy to overlook the treasures we pass by frequently but good to have reason to recognise our rich heritage, isn’t it?


Next stop was Fairford, where a rather larger, grander church offered yet more delights, some smaller than others.


We spotted an appropriate kneeler in amongst the collection, too; a reminder of the US Airforce community based in Fairford for many years.


We found a great spot for a picnic by the river, too.


Outside Cirencester Parish Church, there was a parking space just waiting for us to arrive – how could we not make use of it?


Though a sign in one of the side chapels confused me until I took a closer look.


The word “brasses” is hidden behind the frame!


It’s always good when visitors to our part of the world are able to see it at its best.  Standing on Crickley Hill overlooking the Severn Vale, we count our blessings and fill our lungs with clean, fresh air.  No matter what the season, on a clear day it’s beautiful.


Bill and Wendy’s short stay in the Cotswolds ended with a flourish!  We were delighted to be able to share one of our annual treats with them both and gladly followed the directions of the man in the tasselled hi-vis waistcoat.


We had the usual bovine company for our pre-show Pimms, too.


Gifford’s Circus never disappoints and this year’s American “Painted Wagon” show was super.


All our favourites were on the programme: Tweedy the clown, Bibi and Bichu the wonderful jugglers, my Hero’s favourite Nancy Trotter Landry and, this year, some rather incredible acts from the outstanding Konjowoch troupe from Ethiopia.  The women juggled spinning handkerchiefs whilst performing some impressive acrobatics.


It was possibly the men who stole the show though – no I don’t know how they did it, either!


We’d never seen anything quite like it – amazing.

(There’s a great account of the circus here with more photos too.)


Finishing off with supper in the Circus Sauce tent is always a good idea.


The show isn’t over till the Kitchenettes have sung, anyway!


Of course, when all the fun is over and the goodbyes have been said, there is work to be done.

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There’s always a blog post to write too

Another lovely day

Another lovely day