Hot Pot days

Hot Pot days


October. The weather has definitely taken a turn for Autumn here and this photograph, taken just a couple of days ago, looks so much more inviting than the one I took just now.


We like Autumn around here though. Neither of us is a warm weather fan and though we could do without the unrelenting rain, the change of season brings comforting thoughts with it.


We had Jane’s birthday to celebrate and the tickets we’d bought so very long ago were finally used last Friday when we saw the concert version of Les Mis in London.


What a fantastic cast, every one of them on top form too. We loved it!


Cooler weather means it’s a bit more comfortable to walk - not run - in the fun sessions of Walking Netball my WI has been enjoying in the village hall. It’s far more fun than it ever was at school!

Annotation 2019-10-01 080354.jpg

Though I’m not going to mention the C word, there have been email incentives to make some choices and place an order or two. Hmmm. I’m feeling hungry already!


Good to retrieve a couple of packs of diced mutton from the freezer then and make a hotpot for dinner. Isn’t it wonderful to return to comfort food again!?

Annotation 2019-10-01 115742.jpg

The soundtrack is the non-stop Beatles programming from the weekend, celebrating my favourite Fab Four.

Who cares if it’s raining outside?

For the record

For the record

Every page tells a story

Every page tells a story