February days

February days

On our return from Jordan, I had a lovely surprise in the post. A box came through the letterbox containing the most spectacular bunch of flowers.


Yes, really - those flowers were beautifully packed, complete with advice and ideas of how to arrange them and over the next few days, every single one bloomed beautifully. (Thank you, Amy!) A splash of colour in what has been a pretty grey world these last few days.


For February really is a dreary month, isn’t it? Once the snow had gone, we were left with damp, foggy days and the brief moments of sunshine were few and far between.


It’s been the right sort of weather to stay at home and watch Netflix…the undemanding Dumplin’ and the rather more frenetic Nashville (though if y’all watch those two trailers, you probably don’t need to watch the films!)


We’ve been undecided about whether the “snow day” chocolate cake was really worth the huge quantity of chocolate and the effort of making it.


It was so enormous that a few friends and neighbours were needed to help out.


These dreary days are a good opportunity to restock the freezer, though.


To make some lovely scented candles from a kit given to me at Christmas.


To have a go at something different.


and to put together some little packets of fun for small friends.


The mornings have been cold and dark but I come home warm and refreshed - my book group read this month confirmed my own thoughts about the joy of swimming, too.


Two weeks after those flowers came through my letterbox, they are still looking gorgeous! I’ve weeded out a couple of brown petals but will wholeheartedly recommend Bloom and Wild - I think this was their Piper collection.


Lovely as they are - still - I couldn't resist an 85p bunch of daffs to put in a jug on the table.

February days at home. What’s not to love?

Still waiting

Still waiting

Basket case

Basket case