Around here

Around here

Spring has Sprung!


I spent a couple of days last week attending a conference and a couple of meetings at Denman College, where the blossom was so abundant, I was reminded of days in Japan and, more recently, in Stockholm.  Actually, I also think of going to school in Hull, where the drive was lined with cherry trees just like this one.


Here at home, it's the apple blossom that's coming out and this year looks like being a good one.  Let's hope it follows through to a bumper crop!


A fine weather forecast for this weekend inspired us to get out and begin the Spring clean.  Whilst my hero cleaned the paths and steps I gave the gate a scrub.  It's been so wet, it had gone green and slimy...


With everything looking spick and span, we were glad of time to be outside and admire the benefits of our hard work


and puzzle over the "treasure" we'd found here and there.  Well, it makes a change from an empty crisp packet, doesn't it?  (Anyone know what a concentric dead end might be used for?)


So, the sun is shining on this Bank Holiday weekend, the summerhouse is clean and open and as if to celebrate at dusk last night, a family of baby foxes came to chase about and play in the garden.


Sunny greetings from Gloucestershire, then, where I've even managed to finish this month's book with days to spare before our meeting on Tuesday.  That could be a record!

Update on Bettine's progress:  She continues in good spirits in spite of a small setback this week when the initial euphoria of being at home again wore off a little and reality set in.  She is taking things at a sensible pace however, is prepared to accept a little more support from us and is managing extraordinarily well.  




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