Around here

Around here

There’s never a dull moment.

The weekend was full of technological challenges, because we replaced our ageing TV set (now there’s a phrase from the past!) with a super duper new SMART TV which I fear is smarter than any average bear around here.


Oh yes, it fits nicely into the corner, though we’d better not go any bigger, and having ummed, aaahed and finally bought the thing in John Lewis on Saturday morning with dear James Martin coming at us from the fifty seven TV sets in the store, guess who accompanied the set up process on Sunday morning too? 


I made a little splurge as well, so had my own independent technological challenge to conquer.  I’m not quite there yet, I must say and will be happy when I can say that I can find my way around it without being surprised by a demonstration of another nifty little trick, however clever. It’s my intention to use it for a bit of travel journalling and for doing things which my ipad won’t or can’t, probably because I’ve stuffed it full of magazines and newspapers and other memory grabbing apps which itunes won’t let me move around easily.  Being able to save to a little SD card will make all the difference, I think.

Fullscreen capture 13052014 163215

I’m keeping an eye on it though, because Jordi tells me that her Galaxy tablet talks to her phone when she’s not looking, and mine keeps wanting to talk to all kinds of machines in the house, the new TV included. Who knows what mischief the machines in the house could get up to?


I escaped the tech to go to WI the other evening, though, where Richard Box was our speaker, leading a workshop he calls “Drawing for the Terrified”.  I’m not sure any of us were really terrified, though, so it was a bit of fun.


In the low tech world of the Memorial Hall, however, it was the hostas taking over, including by my own bag.  After all, we’ve all got space for another hosta, haven’t we?


Wherever I looked, there was another one, perched in all kinds of strange places.  Someone had fun dividing their plants up this month and how we appreciated her decision to share them with her WI friends.


Of course, our other responsibilities are ongoing and I spent the day at a meeting in a favourite place yesterday.


Where the green beans at lunchtime were served with a kiss!


Where the coots and the little grebes are on the lake and the yellow buckeyes are in flower.


Our American friends have returned home now, but the flowers they sent us are a lovely reminder of happy days and are lasting remarkably well. Our Aussie friends will arrive tomorrow for a few days and we expect Edward home at the weekend, too.

In other news around here, I have been slotted into the new, reorganised work team which may or may not operate from the same office as we’ve had for several years.  So I read this recent article from McSweeney’s with a wry smile.

Oh yes, there’s never a dull moment.

In Cricklade

In the audience