Whose side?

Whose side?

We arrived in the Seychelles this morning having crossed the Equator sometime early yesterday morning.  As is the usual tradition, crossing the line at sea involves a ceremony.


So at sunset we gathered on the pool deck with cocktails in one hand and cameras in the other, waiting for the arrival of King Neptune.


Judge (and cruise director) Jamie announced the start of the proceedings and brought "the court" to order.


A fanfare fom the band heralded King Neptune and his pirates  Neptune looked kind of familiar.  In fact, he could have been some close relation to one of the speakers, Terry.


closely followed by his alter ego Poseidon (bearing some resemblance to pianist, Clive)


Neptune and Poseidon had a few words - just who was in charge here? Our Italian (Roman!) Captain stepped up and spoke in favour of Neptune, of course and suggested that anyone with any sense should stay in Neptune's good books.


But his (Greek!) colleague and Staff Captain stood up and put himself firmly on the side of Poseidon.  Just whose side would we choose?

DSC06092_edited (1).jpeg

Well, as Shellbacks it didn't matter so much to us, but to those who'd confessed themselves to be Pollywogs, having never crossed the line before, it could matter a great deal - because any ceremony held around a pool is likely to involve someone getting wet!


The Pollywogs were invited to take sides and as we could see things going on in the showers on both sides of the pool, our suspicious were raised, especially when we saw our sweet friend Moraig standing there amongst them, smartly dressed as always.


Well, of course, at this time of the day most people were smartly dressed and as a result, both Neptune and Poseidon were kind.  Only the fish-kissing tradition was followed on this occasion and the water in the pool remained untroubled.  It was with some relief then that the Pollywogs lined up to get up close and personal with a rather handsome plaice, have their photograph taken and head on down to dinner!

Unlike this occasion.

So now, we are sailing in the Southern Hemisphere and I think we have left the High Risk Area for Piracy behind.  I'll tell you more about that in another post!

Mon byen, gran mersi

Mon byen, gran mersi

On the wall

On the wall