On the wall

On the wall

I'd planned to post about the ship today and to share some photographs of our temporary home.  However, we've had such a lovely evening in great company, eating the most delicious Filipino food followed by a terrific show in the theatre, I'm not sure I could do justice to the story.  I'll save it for another day and instead will focus on a feature which I've been admiring since the very first day we boarded the ship.


The Stars Bar is the lounge adjacent to the theatre, the venue for our daily Trivia fun and our bar of choice for pre dinner drinks.  It's a comfortable place and on the walls is a series of large scale paintings which in my opinion, perfectly fit the Navigator, being reminiscent of several photographs I've posted here during the last few days


I've posted before about the art works on Regent ships, which always provokes a response because it is so distinctive.  Selected by a CEO with a personal interest in such things, it is never dull nor is it conventional.  Generally speaking, it fits the situation perfectly - even if it doesn't happen to fit with my own preferences.  In these large scale rooms, a few mimsy watercolours just wouldn't be right at all - the art has to be bold and large in both scale and personality.

DSC06055_edited (1).jpeg

In this particular room where I seem to sit fairly frequently, I've been admiring these deep blue and white paintings which appear to speak to me more than they do to others.


I suppose the subject matter is right up my street having admired the waves breaking beneath our verandah for a few days.


But I also admire the different proportions and the smallest details within each one, that separates it from the others and makes it unique.


My favourite is this one; possibly the most unrealistic of them all.  I like it especially because of the small detail of a dashed line which runs through the centre of the "wave"; a kind of perfectly straight running stitch.  I've sat and gazed at the picture, imagining how it could be reinterpreted in stitches or as a quilt and then thought how easy it would be to create something horribly naff with some lace and navy blue velvet rather than this somewhat restrained and sophisicated representation of what is currently a very familiar sight.  So I'll resist the temptation to try to do anything more than simply look and admire it, together with the rest of its family.


And maybe tomorrow, I'll try to post about the ship; something more like I had in mind to write tonight.  Except that the fun is happening rather quicker than I can type.  We've crossed the Equator, which means there's been fun and laughter in the Court of King Neptune - or was it the Court of Poseidon this time?  We've toured the galley, have eaten spectacular foods and there has been a great deal of fun and laughter.  Tomorrow, we'll arrive in Victoria, capital of The Seychelles - another first for us and since we'll be there overnight, we'll have plenty of time to explore.

I think a good night's sleep is in order first though, don't you?

Whose side?

Whose side?

I think it's Friday?

I think it's Friday?