All at sea, still

All at sea, still


We've been on the Navigator for almost a week now and we are just about settling into our routine.  On this, our third sea day, we dispelled any myth there might have been, that sea days are anything but as busy as any other.  We woke relatively early and headed out in search of breakfast then, and my day went as follows:

A lecture about cricket (for those who know nothing, in preparation for our visit to Sri Lanka tomorrow.  It began something like this) closely followed by a "pirate drill" in preparation for a few days sailing through an area identified as "risky".  Suffice to say, it's all taken seriously and no risks are taken.


Since I'd been in the theatre when the Pirate Drill was called, I decided to hang around and watch Chef Michael do his cookery demonstration, making some Dim Sum Spring Rolls and steamed dumplings.

It must have been nearly lunchtime, but whilst I waited for my hero and a couple of friends, I took out my knitting and turned the heel of sock #3, sitting watching the flying fish and listening to the sound of the waves.


It was defintiely time for a bit to eat, then, and a catch up with what everyone's been up to.  Ella, our sweet waitress told us that her plans for a "power nap" this morning were thwarted by the pirate drill.  Never mind, she said, maybe she'd find five minutes this afternoon.


Having finished with lunch, I  decided to stay put and take part in the craft class and made a decoupaged greeting card.  Another item for the village show I thought,  though I really must try harder to achieve higher standards than this!  It was straight to the 11th floor Galileo's lounge from there, to sit an stitch with the needlepointers for an hour and then straight from there to Trivia where we were soundly beaten in the most difficult set of questions we've ever had, we thought. Would you have known whose girlfriend had a snake called Enid?


We decided to forego the early dinner show tonight and instead, returned to our suite to shower, change and enjoy a quiet hour with a drink and a canape or two before the evening programme began with sunset drinks on deck before dinner.


Tomorrow we'll wake up in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  We look forward to being there again, to exploring some new places and I hope, to a nice cup of tea.  Before then, there's a few zzzzzs required.  Goodnight!

Tea time

Tea time

Bobbing along

Bobbing along