Bobbing along

Bobbing along

We're bobbing along nicely through the Bay of Bengal, on our way to Colombo, Sri Lanka.  


We are not due in Colombo until the day after tomorrow and so we have time to enjoy, busy doing nothing.


it's hot hot hot out there.  We chose to stay inside, delicate little English flowers that we are.


We love looking at the ocean, enjoying the mesmerising sound of the waves and the splash against the bows of the ship.


I love to watch the waves break and the patterns form of the spray.  There's a randomness and a regularity to it at the same time and I can't help but sit and watch the next one...and the next.


Just as I commented to my hero that there's no sign of any life out there whatsoever, a shoal of flying fish suddenly appeared.  I tried to catch one or two in my camera lens but I'm not sure that I did!


We are happy.  There's plenty to do: craft classes, trivia, interesting lectures and the company of friends to enjoy.


Above all, it almost always seems to be a mealtime.

This evening, we have enjoyed the most spectacular Thai dinner in the best company all round. We asked for a Thai meal having been disappointed by the food served in the hotel at Phuket, which was "dumbed down" so far as to be almost tasteless.  Chef Michael and his team produced the most amazing array of dishes just for us and we loved every bite.  The level of heat was so well judged, I had no need for the additional hot sauces provided and I certainly needed no more "ooomph" - those who dared to go there were braver than I for sure!

And so another lovely day ends.

All at sea, still

All at sea, still

One sixteenth

One sixteenth