Last day in Chicago

Last day in Chicago

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Not our last morning, though, so it was a difficult decision: Banana-Nut Waffle or Blueberry Pancake.  I guess the pancakes will be tomorrow’s choice    Needless to say, the Corned Beef Hash fan has no such dilemma.


The hotel usually has a large flower arrangement in the lobby, but right now, there’s a Gauguin-inspired display.


Alongside the large vases of (real) mangoes and leaves, there are some interesting painty plates.  This is my favourite.


Closely followed by this one.

Don’t ask how I know they are “real” mangoes*

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Just opposite here, there were some lovely reflections this morning.  Far more interesting than a party, even if there was a hummus dip on offer


We had a clear plan for this morning.  As usual, though, it involved a walk along the Magnificent Mile.  Lovely!  (though actually, that photograph is of the view down Rush Street and not of the Magnificent mile at all…just thought I’d better admit to that <g>)


The Architecture Tour boats on the river were full on this warm Sunday morning.


Our target for this morning was the American Writers Museum (no apostrophe!)


Brand new for this season, Mary had read an article and thought it worth following up.


First stop was the Children’s Room, where displays of Charlotte’s Web and Little Women proved great reminders that some of our favourite books were written by American authors.


Around the corner was a lengthy timeline, with almost too much information to take in on a single visit.  Opposite was a wall of a hundred authors, highlighting their principal works.  The museum was almost completely interactive, so these boards were there to be turned to find out further information.  Above is the “box” labelled Dale Carnegie, How to Make Friends and Influence People 1936.   Some boxes played music when opened, others had a short video or a photograph to illustrate a point.  Of course, there wasn’t time to open every box, so we chose those which piqued our interest most and thanked heavens that there was only a few other people there, so we could do as we liked.


Thankfully, I had one or two favourite American authors and didn’t feel too ignorant!


So I focused on those I knew and did my best to extend my knowledge as I went along!


As we went long the timeline, we kept hearing a rousing chorus but couldn’t work out where it was coming from until we came across this.  So we stopped and listened a couple of times!


We enjoyed a diversion in the form of a display about Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and thought we should write our own Road Trip novel.


Actually, there might have been inspiration in some form here?


The photographs certainly had a ring of familiarity about them!


Perhaps the most fun was on the interactive screens, one of which was an electronic version of the magnetic poetry. 


My challenge was a preponderance of prepositions and one, single adverb (carefully)


In particular, I liked the display of local authors, hanging on a kind of clothes rail.  I made a note of that one as a potential starting point for a future exhibition!


Having done with the museum (which we enjoyed and felt able to linger as long as we wanted) we crossed over to the park and joined the crowds in the sunshine.


I was the only one brave enough to venture under the Bean, since it was shoulder to shoulder under there, as you can see.


Enough of the crowds and the heat, then, we escaped the park and headed into the Loop, in the hope of finding a cold drink in a cool place.  Thank you Dunkin Donuts.


It was a slow stroll back to the hotel then, past the old Marshall Fields department store on State Street.


We found amusement in the windows of the hotel with the window seats and matching cushions in every window.


We joined the crowd by the tall building bearing the President’s name and the “Real/Fake” installation in front of it, taking a picture along with them all.


I made a short detour to check out Guppy Bags at the Patagonia Store** a little further up Michigan Avenue and returning to the hotel, reflected on our days in Chicago.  We love this city!

Tomorrow at this time, we’ll be at the airport, going our separate ways after another ace trip.  But hey, there’s still one more breakfast at Tempo to look forward to and who knows what we might find to do tomorrow?!

* I might have given one a squeeze

** As a means of following through the NFWI resolution agreed in Liverpool last month

We are home

We are home

Right back where we started

Right back where we started