Last Day

Last Day

When we began our road trip, with three whole weeks spreading ahead of us, we had oodles of time to do everything on our list and there was no rush to get out there and do anything in particular.  But the days slip by and there were just one or two things still to look out for.  Having crossed off the main places we wanted to see in Denver yesterday, this morning it was time to get down to business. 

People here don't rise early on a Saturday morning and so it was a reasonably quick ride to a local mall where the necessary names were to be found.


It was a pleasant morning, rather cooler than yesterday but bright and clear.  The outdoor shopping mall was a fine place to wander around for a while.


But we didn't want to stay all day, so we brought the car back to the hotel and walked down to the 16th St Mall, where a free bus service operates from one end to the other.  We planned to take the bus down to the Union Station, the furthest point, and then walk back, dropping in and out of anywhere that looked interesting.


But our plans were thwarted, for now at any rate.  The bus travelling in the opposite direction wasn't moving, there were blue flashing lights ahead of it and a group of policemen rode by on motorcycles.  Looking more closely, we soon worked out what was happening.


A few thousand people had assembled in the area by the Capitol building and were now marching down 16th Street in protest against the current immigration policies.  I stood and watched as they passed, unsure of how to demonstrate my support for their protest when it really is none of my business.  Or is it?  We are compassionate human beings after all.


Eventually, the bus came, we hopped on and it delivered us to the Union Station which looked surprisingly like a modern European station and nothing like the building we expected.


That building was just behind the white awnings and outdoor platforms and was buzzing on this Saturday afternoon.


Here inside was a grand hall with comfortable seating, tables and a range of small shops and cafe bars.


Whilst it was clearly no longer a station, the original design and structure had been carefully maintained in the restoration and it was a popular place to be.


The former destination boards no longer indicated the platforms and departures, but a list of beers available in the Terminal bar!


Wandering through to the other side of the station building, there was a farmers' market and a wide open piazza with a similarly European feel to the platform area.


Without all the tracks and white awnings, it was also rather easier to step back and admire the facade too.


We pottered around this area - LoDo - spotting a fun sign on the steps of Rockmount Outfitters which almost made up for missing the similar sign on the steps of the Capitol yesterday.


And that was (almost) that.  Mary checked into her flight whilst we sat in Union Station enjoying milkshakes and my Hero is doing the same as I sit here typing.  Tomorrow, we will go our separate ways after another classic road trip.  It's been great, but it appears that it's taken its toll on my Hero and I.


What do you reckon?

Whilst at the Colorado History Center yesterday, one of the activities was to create our photos for inclusion in the 1918 Keota High School Yearbook.  We had fun playing along, completing the activity by leaving our email addresses and sure enough, the photos dropped into our inboxes last evening!

A good job that age is an attitude of mind and not a number however, for this evening I was asked to prove my age before I could order a beer in the pizza restaurant where we had dinner.  Just as I was thinking that there was no way I could possibly appear too young to drink alcohol,  a young man stood up to offer me his seat on the bus.   Hopefully. a good night's sleep will restore my youthful good looks!

Not quite over...

Not quite over...

Mile High City

Mile High City