Living the Dream?

Living the Dream?


Here in Miami for a few days, we had made a list of things we wanted to do and see.


We woke to blue skies and, for us, warm temperatures.  As we drove, we passed joggers, dog walkers, power-walkers and cyclists.  Just what would it be like to live here?


What would appeal more, city or beach?


Modern or Deco?  We thought we’d take a look at South Beach Art Deco today.


Aaaagh!  For heavens’ sake.  The traffic!  The parking!  (there appears to be nowhere at all to park a car!) 


Oh, we just couldn’t be doing with this, driving round nose-to-tail in a total traffic jam, looking for a parking space (just like everyone else).


At least there’s a pedestrian shopping mall nearby (with a multi storey car park) so we can stretch our legs and have coffee.


Actually, along here are modern apartment blocks right there on the ocean – South Beach looks pretty nice.


Well, it would be nice if we could see the ocean too!   Those apartment blocks are side by side, right along here and form a canyon-like feeling to the road.  Yes, I could imagine living here…but only if I had an ocean facing apartment.  Who wants to live above a busy road with traffic 24/7?


The beach might be nearby, but I was staggered by the number of apartment blocks which are cheek by jowl all over this part of the city.  All of those people – and all of that concrete – I think it would drive me crazy.


The behaviour of at least one local suggests that I’m not alone!  (He did that wheelie right across the road junction)


The sunny weather would be nice, wouldn’t it?  Or?  Maybe the summer heat would get a little much, especially when radiated from all that concrete.  And I’m not sure I could be faffed about applying sunblock all the time, even though it’d be an essential daily task.


As we returned to our car this evening in a vast parking lot (yes, we resorted to the remote unlock to see which car flashed), we thought of home.


You see, the Moon and Venus were high in the sky, as they were a month ago when I took the same picture from our sitting room window.  Yes, it’s fun being in Miami.  Of course, we love travelling and are having a great time here and yes, it’s ever so cold at home, we are told. 

Slowly, though, we’re getting ready to be back.

Yes, Crisy, it was hard to leave Explorer after such a great time.  Rick, we were delighted to have you along, if only in the virtual sense.  But I‘m glad to say that we already live the dream in my opinion and after another couple of days of good times here, meeting with friends we can look forward to being at home in Gloucestershire and to anticipating our next adventure!

I hope you’re coming too?

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