Adventure Part 3

Adventure Part 3


We were already “here” when I opened the curtains this morning.  Already packed and our luggage collected, we simply had to manage our time today.  No point in rushing – we were assigned the last disembarkation code, with no flight to catch, no tour to take.


So we took our time over a leisurely breakfast in the restaurant, enjoying Aras’ company again and appreciating the small details like the little ship-shaped garnish to my blueberry pancakes.


Not to mention the clever carrot garnish on my Hero’s omelette.  I looked closely at that one and might add it to my repertoire!


Though our estimated disembarkation time was 9.10am, it was more than an hour after that when we were finally called and gone 10.30am when we had collected our luggage, gone through immigration and joined the last queue of the day, for a taxi.


Hello Miami.


As we drove through the city, we spotted a billboard for the Harmony of the Seas, the ship we’d passed by yesterday.  OMG.


We checked into our cool hotel, learned that our room wouldn’t be ready for another hour or so, and went out to get our bearings.

Winking smile

I guess we’re not in Kansas any more


We hummed as we walked.


Doing our best to avoid road and building works around and about, we took refuge in a new shopping centre, which the concierge had recommended for the architecture alone.  Built to capitalise on the breezes during the hot Summer months, it made an interesting diversion for a while.


Still awaiting our call to say our room was ready, we mooched around the Brickell Key a while longer.


Had we but got our beachwear with us, we could have settled on the hotel beach for a while.  But everything was still packed up and for now, we must simply be patient.

We seem to have been doing a lot of that today.


As we turned the corner, we spotted a familiar sight.  The Explorer was just over there, awaiting her next complement of guests who would be boarding about now, I guess.


She’ll sail at 5pm for a short, five day Caribbean cruise, chartered to an hotel group for their employees.

Bon Voyage, Explorer!  Hope to see you soon!

Living the Dream?

Living the Dream?

Moving along

Moving along