Sloe Gin and Sparklers

Sloe Gin and Sparklers


I had the ideal request for Amy and Edward this weekend and had prepared by stocking up with the essential ingredients.  I made sure I went shopping with my Hero, lest anyone think I planned to drink it all myself.


Amy assured me cheerfully that she didn't need any gloves when it came to dealing with those frozen sloes.


It's always fun having company in the kitchen and in no time at all, the 2017 sloe gin was started.


First, the 2016 vintage had to be decanted, though, and the usual taste comparisons made.  As a result, a bit extra sugar was added and a few more sloes...this is work in progress and the final result might not be drunk for quite a few years yet.  We are currently working our way through our 2011 efforts and can be confident that it's well worth the wait.


Having sealed the bottle, given it a shake and rolled it along the kitchen worktop a few times, it was time to leave it be and allow the magic to begin.

We had a bonfire to attend.

We'd done the search for a local bonfire this weekend and were glad to find that Miserden School were planning a firework display last night.  As we drove to the village, we spotted the bonfire on the horizon - it was a gloriously clear but cold night.  Perfect.


We joined the good natured crowd in the field and watched as the sun went down and the fire burned, feeling glad of the occasional warm draught coming in our direction.

At six o'clock, the first whoosh of a firework caught everyone's attention and there followed an amazing show which we loved.  


Just as we were getting a bit cold, it was over.  Perfect timing!


Driving home again, we were treated to a wonderful view of the "supermoon" shining through the trees.  We lit a few sparklers and wrote our names in the air before going indoors and feeling thankful for a warm house!


This morning, up early to take Amy for her (very) early train, and to drive Edward to his meeting in Worcester, we were rewarded with yet another colourful sky.  It's so lovely having them both here!



The end result

The end result