Still here

Still here


Such a whirlwind of delight, the days have flown.  Our dear friends arrived on Christmas Eve and from the moment we settled down at the kitchen table, the enjoyment continued.   I thought I'd take a shelfie of the fridge, filled with just about everything we might need for two days of fun and frivolity (the wine is elsewhere!)


After our traditional Christmas Eve cheese fondue, we tracked Father Christmas as he delivered millions of presents across the world, spotting him over Mali around 11.15pm and thinking that maybe it was time to go to bed and let him get on with what he does best.


On Christmas morning, I went out in to the garden for a quiet five minutes and cut a rose for the table.  Time to think, reflect, remember and count my blessings because yes, Father Christmas certainly had been and left us stockings filled with lovely things.


We were five at the Christmas table, then and regular readers will guess the identity of one from the sight of a pavlova there as well as (not instead of!) a Christmas pudding.  Afterwards, there were more presents: Lucky girl that I am, mine mostly consisted of Jo Malone and Gin...what's not to love?


Boxing Day followed much the same pattern, sitting around the kitchen table, putting the world to rights, cooking, eating and washing up.  Lovely relaxing times with no pressure to be doing anything or going anywhere, just enjoying each other's company and sharing the good times.  


The only problem came when all of us did eventually, need to go somewhere.  Our friends were heading home to Yorkshire and we were scheduled to collect Amy and Edward from their train - weather permitting.


Thankfully, weather did permit and whilst we were gone, someone paid a second call and delivered a few more surprises.


It may be winter out there, but here at home, the delightful days continue.  There are more stories to tell and some very special times to remember but right now, it's time for bright red lipstick and a pair of shoes!







Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings