On a warm, sunny afternoon

On a warm, sunny afternoon


What better way can there be to dip one’s toes in cool, fresh water and enjoy a little peace and quiet?  That’s exactly what I did when we returned from our walking tour in Cartagena yesterday, making my way to the Infinity Pool in the Spa.


Though I knew there was a discreet entrance to the spa on Deck 6, I chose to use the main Deck 5 entrance so I could exchange my suite key card for a locker key at the desk here.


Once inside, through the ladies’ locker room, there’s a peaceful lobby area with several facilities accessed from here.  There in the room with the glass door is an infrared sauna, and just across from there, the entrance to a glorious experience, the experiential shower!


I pressed one button and stepped inside for a truly amazing and uplifting five minutes.  First, a cold mist descended upon me.  It was aromatic and rather soothing; perfectly calming after a hot and rather bustling walking tour.  After a few minutes, the lighting changed and I found myself in a tropical rain shower.  Cool drips of water splashed on my head and felt exactly like being caught in the rain somewhere warm.  Just as I was getting used to that, a gentle massage shower began with water coming from all directions!  How amazing was that?


Had I been a little braver, I might have stepped inside this next “cold room”,


but as it is, I simply opened the door (as there was noone inside) and snapped a picture of the ice walls instead.  I’m told it is very invigorating to step from the sauna or steam room into the ice room, but for now, I’ll take their word for it.


The wonderfully aromatic steam room is just opposite – and as with everything here, I’m assuming this “women’s section” is exactly replicated on the other side for the gentlemen?


Both sections open out onto the aft deck, where there are a small number of sun loungers and a couple of the circular beds.


There’s a couple of showers and shelves of towels behind what I think is the best kept secret on board.


The Infinity pool.


It’s not large and who knows what would happen if the whole ship descended upon it at once, but oh my, it’s lovely.  The tilework is spectacular – as it is throughout the spa – and my only comment would be to say that the stairs to access the pool are very steep.  Even using the staircase with the handrail involves a step of 12 inches or so, so those with wonky knees could find it tricky.


But me?  I loved it!  I was tempted to say nothing about it, to keep the secret safe, but you know, I just had to share!


The spa is on two levels on the Explorer, with treatment rooms, a beauty salon and two workout rooms


I’m not a gym bunny so can’t comment on the equipment.


But for sure, there’s a great view from some of the machines!

I think that really does complete my walkthrough.  I’m sure there are corners I‘ve missed and with only one more day to find them, maybe some will have to wait until our next time on board.  I’ll look forward to that!

Moving along

Moving along

At last, Deck 4

At last, Deck 4