A morning in Copenhagen

A morning in Copenhagen


What a view from our window this morning!   We were up early, to pack and have our suitcases available but then, were free to have breakfast, catch up with our friends and then go off and enjoy a couple of hours before we were needed again.


We decided to explore “the other way” and walk along the harbourside to the next bridge, where our friends had discovered a shopping centre.  We were not really in the mood for shopping, but my Hero had left his sweaters at home and I had come without my shower scrubby.  Both of us could manage perfectly well without both things (well, my Hero might shiver) but if we happened to see something suitable, then all the better.


Now how about living in a place like that?  Self contained, neat and very well appointed, this little haven looked the business.  A lockable front gate secured the entrance and that all round balcony would be the perfect spot for enjoying the breeze during the summer.  Quite how it would be in winter, I have no idea, though the chimney and the neatly stacked woodpile outside suggests a cosy woodburner inside to create the renowned hygge.


The waterfront is so walkable and it’s interesting to just wander and watch.  Here, by the Fisketorvet shopping mall was another of those outdoor swimming areas, fenced off from the main harbour and with lifeguard facility and so on, but really, just a section of the harbour.


The Fisketorvet was light and airy and the main feature was, perhaps unsurprisingly,  a shoal of fish.


The shoal was built of thousands of stainless steel fishes, each one reflecting the light from the overhead roof structure and the clear blue sky of the morning.


We’d been told to look for the piano, which appeared to be melting in the heat.


The “drips” went over the edge and down to the lower level, ending in a puddle and a few spots on the floor.  Someone had a sense of humour, anyway!


This looked a probable source of my shower scrubby anyway, so we waited until it was fully open and stepped inside to find an interesting set up.  Just like Tiger or IKEA, there was a well trodden pathway one had to follow – Normal was a budget style drugstore and shower scrubby needs were satisfied!


We did have to walk a mile around the set route to make the purchase however!


Sweater needs were satisfied next door and all was well.  We even had time to peruse the wonderfully stylish home accessories shop next door, where the Copenhagen china and the Eva Solo goods are so covetable.  Danish design is amazing.   (I might also have lingered by the Georg Jensen corner…)


But time was pressing and we had a date with a ship to keep.  Time to head back.


We’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather here.  Such a beautiful city looking at its best in the sunshine – a great start to our trip.


A thirty minute transfer to the cruise terminal and there we were  - and hopefully, fingers crossed, so were our suitcases, last seen at 8am this morning.


We headed right upstairs to enjoy a leisurely lunch on the pool deck with our friends, saying hello to some very familiar faces from time to time.


Sitting under blue skies like this, with a glass of champagne in hand, we decided that life is pretty good.

As if we didn’t know that already.


There’s a chorus of agreement around here, too.

Sailing away

Sailing away

Let the fun begin

Let the fun begin