Decks 5 and 6

Decks 5 and 6

I had intended to complete my walkthrough of the Explorer  in this post, but discovered so much art work on Deck 5 that I decided to leave Deck 4 until next time.


Deck 6 will not detain us long, for it’s mostly suites.  The photographic theme along here is fashion-related and there are some lovely images along the way.


I didn’t do well with the reflections this time, so forgive the suite numbers appearing here and there from the doors on the opposite side of the corridor.


I liked the fact that the images are not all of female fashion, for there are some stylish gentlemen pictured too!

Though there is an entrance to parts of the Spa on this level as well, I’ll leave that until later.  For now, let’s go down just one level and explore Deck 5. 


As soon as I step out of the stairwell, I notice the art.  Much was written about the art collection on board and indeed, I’ve referred to it already in earlier posts.  I felt I wanted to take particular note of it, especially on this deck where the larger pieces are placed.


Many pieces have opposing partners on the other side of the ship, so this first piece is echoed by a similar one right opposite.

Winking smile

And one has the Ladies WC sign to the right and the other has the Gents to the left.  (I didn’t include the washrooms on my walkabout, feeling that perhaps that would be a detail best left for first hand experience)


So, let’s walk into the reception area, where this large piece hangs on one side, and yes, on the other side is this one


I’m sorry, I’m unable to attribute any of these works, though I understand a booklet of details is in production.  Good  idea!


This large work hangs outside the Business Center, where four computers are available for guests to use.  It replaces the larger computer rooms on the other ships, since I guess most people travel with their own tablets these days – and if not, there are ipads available for the use of guests too.


Another large piece hangs on the wall nearby,

Winking smile

close to the Cruise Consultant’s office.  Gudrun is available most of the time to discuss future plans and answer queries.  We have an appointment with her this afternoon


Next door to Gudrun’s office is Restaurant Reservations, where you can book a table at any of the three speciality restaurants.  Or if it’s too much trouble to see the young lady in person, you can always just ring her up from your suite!  The portrait is of Princess Charlene of Monaco, Explorer’s Godmother.  I find it rather haunting and slightly unsettling, though understand the context as a reference to her background as a swimmer.


The reception area is a large, spacious and very comfortable part of the ship.  It’s here where it’s hardest to imagine one is on a ship at all.


Large comfortable sofas make this area inviting, though we’ve never even thought about sitting here!  From here, the whole length of the ship can be seen, another way of increasing the feeling of space.


There are some statement pieces of art hanging on the wall here as well.


If I turn around and look back towards the staircase I used just now, I can see the amazing chandelier which hangs in the atrium.  It’s beautiful and much admired.


Turning back to continue towards the stern of the ship, there’s a pair of intriguing paintings hanging on the wall by the coffee shop.


I’m not sure what I make of either of them, though there’s a spirit and a sense of fun apparent, which I find lacking in other works around here.


The coffee shop itself is comfortable and rather nicely furnished.


Considerably smarter than any Starbucks you could imagine and a warm and friendly place for a quick help yourself breakfast or mid morning snack.


Good barista-made coffee too.


Right opposite the coffee shop is the Meridian Lounge, one of the bars.


We haven’t found this to be somewhere we want to linger for some reason, preferring the lighter, airier Observation Lounge upstairs.


There’s a long bar here too, though needless to say, at this time of the day, it’s closed!


Stepping outside the Meridian Lounge, then, is where a collection of the largest and in my opinion, most challenging pieces of art are hung.  In order, from the coffee shop, they are arranged along the right hand wall walking towards the stern, first the one above, then in order


A closer look at this one reveals a small detail, easily overlooked.  My Hero has the eagle eye and spotted it, though


“Sin ti”.   Without you.  Hmm.  OK.


I understand, my poor photography does not do them justice, but hopefully, you can get a flavour of how it is.

Across the way is a somewhat amusing and more colourful painting


and on the wall opposite, this one is hung


Now, I don’t have the knowledge to understand the juxtaposition and would love to learn a little of the thinking behind the choices.  I hope the new art brochure will cover that as well as simply documenting the details of the works themselves.


In the midst of this gallery area is the table with the jigsaw!


Just beyond, moving on into the lift and staircase area is a collection of three blue and white images.  Smaller and fresher in feel than the large works we’ve just passed, they are a little more accessible, I think!


I’m afraid that in haste, I cut the top off the third one, but I include it because it give a better impression of the texture.


No artwork to distract in this important corner, but something of interest to those who sail on cruise ships, I think.  On this ship, the lifeboats are accessed directly from Deck 5 – step out of that door and up a couple of steps right into the lifeboat, or rather, hopefully not!


They are the first lifeboats/tenders I’ve seen with curtains (I think?)


Progressing to the aft now, there’s the entrance to the Spa.  It’s a long, cool and airy walkway with the beauty salon to the left and the reception straight ahead.  Very beautiful!


These two large works of art hang here, in similar vein to other abstracts nearby.  I feel their rather aggressive tone strikes a different note from the otherwise calming atmosphere of the spa entrance.  But maybe they offer a contrast – leave your worries and all pressure here and go on into the peace and tranquil haven beyond?  Or are they simply paintings of shower fittings?


On the opposite corner to the aft of the ship to the Spa is the Asian restaurant, Pacific Rim.  The entrance is dominated by the largest work of art on the ship, this huge “prayer wheel”.


Full of small details, I could spend a while turning the wheels and reading the words and patterns which are there.  Each one is individual and absolutely fascinating.  Unfortunately, when I’m here, it’s usually when I’m hungry and eager to dive into a plate of something delicious!


I love the grand entrance and the design and decor here.


Returning to where I began, I pass the “other” staircase; the aft one we have not used, as our suite is at the front of the ship.  It’s another area where I feel the design has not taken into account the practicalities, for the space is tight and the staircase narrow.  Waiting for a lift here means standing in the way of people coming up and down the stairs and I would imagine it’s the source of irritation for some.   In typical Regent fashion, maintenance is continual and ongoing – the attention paid to the smallest detail is so very impressive.


Whilst in reception, I didn’t note the General Manager’s office on the opposite side to the business centre.  The door always open, this is command central as far as the “hotel” aspect of the ship is concerned, at least.


A well chosen and appropriate poster is hung here,


and the light fittings too, give a touch of glamour to the entrance.


This is balcony level and until now, I hadn’t realised that the seating is on high stools here.  Interesting!


The light and sound controls are up here and we’ve noticed the state of the art technical facilities used during the shows on board and during the presentations and lectures too.


With a glimpse of the chandelier, the mosaic on the back wall of the auditorium, there’s the staircase down to the main theatre level and deck 4, which I’m going to leave for another day!

Had enough art yet?  I know I didn’t spot every picture hanging there but perhaps, for today, the answer from me was “I think so”.

OK, that’ll be £250k, then Sir…

OK, that’ll be £250k, then Sir…

Party time

Party time