Salsa, Salsa

Salsa, Salsa


We were not due into Cabo San Lucas until lunchtime today, so we spent a lazy morning doing not very much. 


At some point, however, we heard something going on outside and looked out to find the boats being launched.  We were going to be tendering ashore in Cabo and three of the ship’s lifeboats were being lowered into the water.


As we watched the goings on, the Captain waved from the bridge and our neighbours looked out from their balcony.  It’s always interesting arriving in a new port, especially one we haven’t been to before.


There was added interest here too, because the Seven Seas Navigator was anchored there too.  We’ve not sailed on her before, but have an adventure booked for next year.

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Anyway, for those who like a map (that’s me and my Hero, needless to say) this is where we were today.  One of the excursions was to Lands End, though we had chosen something a little different


The view from our verandah was quite interesting and not feeling terribly hungry (it didn’t seem long since breakfast, after all), we decided we’d order a couple of sandwiches from room service for our lunch.


And so, it was with a view of party central that we made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed a light lunch chez nous.  We seldom eat anything in our suite, normally preferring one of the various restaurant options, but seeing a full size table and chairs on our verandah, we thought we’d give it a try.


We could hear the goings on over the water, but couldn’t quite work out what was happening.  Still, we’d be over there soon and be able to see for ourselves.


Our tour wasn’t until 1.40pm, so I did a bit of needlepoint before going down to the theatre to collect our tickets for the tender.


As we made the journey over, we considered how the scheduled number of passengers could be squeezed onto those uncomfortable little boats in an emergency.  OK, I guess we’d not care in those circumstances, but oh my, the lack of legroom makes us very glad indeed when we arrive.


Now, we’d heard of Cabo from watching American TV shows and we always pictured it as a classy sort of place. 


I’m sure there are indeed classy resorts here and there, but in the downtown area it was much like seaside resorts the world over – cheap and tacky souvenirs and T shirts alongside the million dollar yachts moored in the harbour.


We drove for maybe fifteen minutes to a restaurant perched high above the ocean, to spend the afternoon learning Salsa and Salsa –a bit of cooking, a bit of dancing and a lot of fun, we hoped.


Everything was laid out ready; the ingredients and tools all set out for each of us to work in pairs.  Oh, and just to get the ball rolling, Margaritas were handed round. Ayyy!


Now these three had their work cut out, warming everyone up and getting their class into the spirit.  The “ole” bell was their call to order, because when it sounded, we were all supposed to call “ole!” – but this was not a party group at all and to begin with, their efforts fell on stony ground.  I’m sure the hen parties and the groups from downtown are more easily coaxed into letting their hair down that this one and the idea to get everyone to conga around the restaurant was not altogether successful!


More Margaritas needed then!  The ingredients for two different drinks were on our tables and we quickly followed the instructions to create a fresh Lime Margarita.  Mmmm….tasted good and yes, with two drinks inside, most of us were getting into the spirit.  (I was glad we’d had those sandwiches!)

By now, things were getting a little louder and by the time Barbara was asked to measure some Cointreau for a Strawberry Margarita, the fun had begun. 


So creating of three different salsas to taste with a variety of bits and pieces (tortilla chips, quesadillas and chicken corn rolls) went more smoothly, because needless to say, glasses were filled on request and those margaritas just kept flowing for those who had the head for them.


Having completed the salsa cooking lesson with another three, less complicated salsas, it was time for the “other sort”.  Fifteen minutes of “uno dos tres, quatro cinco seis” and the majority of the group were dancing some kind of salsa, though whether or not it would be recognised as such by anyone else is questionable.  Still, it was a giggle and a fun way to spend the afternoon!


The sun was setting as we drove back to the harbour, to make the tender crossing back to the ship.  The Navigator had already left, so there was just one, beautiful white ship there in the bay waiting for us.


A beautiful evening, too, to make a Margarita-fuelled sail away towards our next destination, Acapulco, the day after tomorrow. 

Let’s start at the top

Let’s start at the top

The strange thing is…

The strange thing is…