The strange thing is…

The strange thing is…


Just when I think I’ve seen all of the ship, I stumble across another place; one I haven’t discovered so far.


Today it was the library. 

We were at sea today, sailing from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, where we’ll arrive around lunchtime tomorrow.  We had nothing much planned, though I had arranged to meet friends this morning, to go to the needlepoint session and begin a new project and would go to listen to one of our favourite lecturers this afternoon, to learn about the Maya.  Meanwhile, my hero would learn one or two new songs for his choir schedule this term.

Oh, and then there was Trivia, of course.


So, we pottered about, chatting to people here and there, discovering people from the East Riding who speak uncannily like I do and meeting some near neighbours of Mary’s, too.  But when I was on my way to the needlepoint group, I spotted a rather lovely, sunny spot which I’d not seen before.  I stepped inside to take photos, admired the books and the artwork in there and made a mental note to come and sit in one of these peaceful, comfy chairs some time and spend a while looking at some of the gorgeous books in here: weighty tomes on fashion, travel and art.


I pottered about a bit, taking photos and generally marvelling that such a nice space was completely empty, when I heard a cough!  Sure enough, in the far corner, a chap was sitting reading quietly.

I guess he’s found his favourite spot already!


Normally at lunchtime, we’ll go to the pool deck, for burgers or grilled fish and salad.  Today, though, I spotted that the French restaurant Chartreuse was open for lunch and taking a quick look at the menu, we decided to give it a try.  How glad we did, for who should bring the menus over to us but Darle, a sweet waitress from Myanmar, who we’ve known since she first started on board Regent ships.  How lovely to see her again!


Delicious leek and cheese quiche!

Of course, the thing is, after a nice lunch with a couple of glasses of wine, going to listen to a lecture in a darkened theatre has inevitable results.

We both fell asleep.

Thankfully, we had woken up in good time for Trivia and with our new found team, we did rather well…


We won!   (Definitely down to the team, however – I mean, we’d never have known Kris Kristofferson wrote Me and Bobby McGee -  would you?  Thankfully, our team mate Don did!)


This evening, then, we were relaxed.  I’d drunk my Aperol Spritz before I even thought to take a photo.  But we miss Gusti and his amazing Hendricks Gin and Cucumber, for sure.


We ate dinner in the steakhouse, Prime 7


where my wish for just two king crab legs as a starter was fulfilled – they were perfect, as was the steak and affogato dessert which followed.


Returning to our suite after a funny show in the theatre (comedy + magic, very good indeed) we found our travelling companions have a new little Regent friend.


Salsa, Salsa

Salsa, Salsa

In San Diego today

In San Diego today