Two washers left.

Two washers left.


In “project summerhouse”, the next step was to find some storage solution for the few bits and pieces we keep up there.  I’d looked around the sheds on the retail parks here and there and liked nothing I saw, but eventually, I spotted this one online.  You can guess where it was to be found?


Today, I began the adventure.


It was actually quite easy, but incredibly heavy (34kg!) so I was glad of a hand from my hero for the last few bits.


It fits perfectly and is just what I was looking for.


The shelves were soon filled and all that remained were two washers.  I think IKEA have improved their quality control enormously!


As we sat with a drink and reflected on our productive morning (sitting on the newly cleaned garden chairs; the product of my hero’s busy morning) ), I marvelled at the scruffy little plant which sits on our garden table right now.  Each flower is a little gem when viewed closely: I must get my paints out!


But first, there’s another project to be completed  - or at least, to be started.  I’ve built up a small collection of canvases for the stairwell and we decided there’s no time like the present to begin. I laid them out on the floor to get a balance of colour and shape.


We almost followed the plan, too.  I guess I need to finish another dozen or so canvases now.

No rest for the wicked, eh?

Here or there? This or that?

Here or there? This or that?

Getting on with it

Getting on with it