Leaf Peeping

Leaf Peeping


The other day, the subject of leaf peeping was discussed on the radio.  Specifically, the colours of Autumn as witnessed in Vermont, USA.  But later on, we learned in our local TV news that this year had seen some of the best Autumn colours in the trees on this side of the ocean too and that our local arboretum was enjoying the most spectacular season for quite some time.


Whilst in Cheltenham the other morning, I made a mental note, then, to make sure we got ourselves up there to the Arboretum in the next few days.  Better not go at the weekend, though – maybe we might make it early next week, I thought.


At home this morning, I went out into the garden for a look around, really in search of a few buds or branches to put on the lunch table.  No roses left now and the sedums were a bit heavy, I thought.  There were a few hydrangea heads left but I wasn’t sure I wanted to chop those off.  Instead, I picked a few small branches of cotinus which was looking particularly colourful.


As you can see it was a glorious morning.  (It didn’t last)


As I put them on the table, I spotted some interesting markings, though.  It looked as though someone had been batiking the leaves!  Perhaps I’d take my camera outside and go and take a closer look (and a photo or two).


Did I say that the cotinus was putting on a pretty show right now?  I promise you that none of these photographs have been enhanced in any way!


Looking down at my feet, I spotted some of the patterns I’d been hoping for.  Wow!  How fascinating!


I’ve not noticed this previously – though have I ever gone out and looked closely before?  Possibly not!


Even the undersides are rather special.


I wonder why some are patterned like this and others remain a solid colour?


Though really, I’m not complaining, for even those leaves without any markings are rather splendid right now.


It wasn’t until I came inside and uploaded my pictures that I got to take a closer look.  What an amazing range of colours on that one, fairly small shrub.  I thought I’d run this photograph through one of those colour palette generators…

Color Palette FX - Create Color Palettes from Images - Mozilla Firefox 06112016 183401

What do you think?

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