Hooked again

Hooked again


About ten years ago, my Mum and I were perusing stuff we might watch on TV together and stumbled upon The Gilmore Girls on DVD (or it might even have been VHS?)  In no time at all, we were hooked, though my Mum had trouble following some of the time.

They do talk awfully fast.

But the quirky characters and the storylines hit all the right spots and the series became a firm favourite with my hero and I too.  We watched avidly until the end of the final series, feeling sad that it had come to an end, whilst appreciating that it really couldn’t last forever.

Somewhere in there, we learned that Mary was a fan as well and before long, Gilmore Girls references were making their way into our conversations; so Mary would ask if the place we stayed was anything like The Cheshire Cat Inn or giggle if we mentioned Friday Night Dinner.


But with the show coming to a sad end with the infamous Season 7, Lorelai and Rory faded from our lives and we moved onto other favourites.  Borgen won its way to our hearts, we watched House of Cards in its American setting and during our road trip TV binges, grew to love Modern Family.  Then we discovered The Good Wife and suddenly, a familiar face pops up.


Hey, wasn’t he Rory’s boyfriend?   I googled and discovered that yes, Matt Czuchry, who plays Cary Agos did indeed play Logan Huntzberger.  Oh, how we still missed the Gilmore Girls, we said, as on more than one occasion, I suggested it might be time to begin to watch from the beginning again, on DVD.  After all, we had the full set somewhere, alongside the box sets of ‘Allo ‘Allo, The Golden Girls, The West Wing and Northern Exposure.

But in the meantime, Netflix had come along.  BBC iPlayer and Sky catch up services  meant that we no longer missed any of our favourite shows and an upgrade to our broadband made streaming TV a realistic alternative. 

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And look what appeared on Netflix earlier this year!  Suddenly, we are invited to return to Stars Hollow and pretend season 7 never happened.  The original writers are back on track and four extended episodes will draw the show to a proper conclusion, once and for all, this November.

Well, it seems as though we (and Mary) are not the only ones who have been missing Stars Hollow, for a plethora of websites have popped up and the trailer has created yet more excitement.  Googling any aspect of the show – Stars Hollow, for example - leads to a wealth of information, a Gilmore Girls Instagram feed offered some insider jokes, there are countless fansites and a few coffee shops turned into Luke’s for the day.


And how have my hero and I been preparing?  By going right back to the beginning and watching an episode on Netflix each night!  Somehow, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to binge watch all seven series, so we have been taking our time and rediscovering Stars Hollow all over again.  I’m not sure we’re going to get to the end in time for the new episodes on the 25th November, but we’ll give it a good try.  We are currently coming to the (uncomfortable) end of Series Five, having watched the penultimate episode last evening.

So please.  Bear with us.  We have 45 episodes to fit into the next 25 days!


No time to go shopping for ephemera, but how funny was it when this dropped into my inbox the other day?!


Love it!

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