My prize arrived!

My prize arrived!

You might recall that I was the lucky winner – not of the lottery, but of a draw for a trolley system for my sewing machine.


Look what arrived this morning.


I opened the trolley bag first.  Very smart and rather larger than I imagined!   I couldn’t wait to explore…


There’s a good, solid retractable handle to pull it on two sturdy wheels


and a grab handle at each end too. 


Inside it’s lined with small pockets here and there


and loads and loads of padding, securely fixed with velcro patches.


The whole front unzips and opens up, making it easier to load the machine, which is not only very large, but also rather heavy – 20kg.


I unplugged my machine and carefully lifted into place.  All those additional padding blocks had to go – it took up almost every inch of the bag.


The pockets at the front are deep enough for additional feet and other accessories and I don’t feel worried that they’ll squash up against the metal panels of the machine and be damaged in any way.

Winking smile

Those inside the bag are probably better suited to lighter, thinner things like scissors and Swiss Army Knives  - the Bernina sewing version, of course


There are small pockets on the inside of the top flap which are ideal for spare needles and unpickers plus the Bernina universal tool for getting in all kinds of awkward corners in case of emergency.


I lay the knee lift on the top and squeezed the sewing table down the side – that was the only part which didn’t seem to have an obvious home.  Maybe I’ll investigate if there’s a better place for that.


Foot pedal in one end pocket, power cable in the other


I zipped it all up and squeezedbetween my desk and the cupboard.  Wide load coming through!


It was rather easier loading the embroidery module.  The bag is similarly padded with a non-slip panel on the base which fits the solid base perfectly.


There’s a secure strap to hold it in place, though I don’t think it’d go anywhere.


A large pocket inside the front flap holds all the hoops and any other paraphernalia – the templates and any threads – will fit in the outer front pocket.


Zipped up, secured in place, we’re ready to roll!


But oh my, there’s a huge empty space in my studio. 

Winking smile

I think I’ll get it all out again

Party animals (who, us?)

Party animals (who, us?)

Radical thoughts

Radical thoughts