A visit from the Glücksfee

A visit from the Glücksfee

I can’t remember the last time I entered an online competition by leaving a comment on a blog.  I’ve seen giveaways from time to time and thought I’d have a go, but thought better of it when I saw hundreds of comments where there’d normally be just a couple.  But just before Christmas, I spotted this:

Fullscreen capture 08012016 145657

I hadn’t seen this trolley system before so I was interested to read that such a thing had been produced.  I was even more impressed when I watched this.


My machine is so huge, I haven’t even tried to move it from my sewing table in the studio, but this bag/trolley is clearly the answer.


The embroidery module fits into its own snug case too.


Of course, Bernina had thought of everything!


So yes, I rather liked the idea of winning one!  I left my comment at the foot of the blog and discovered mine was #6 – and there were only a couple of days left before the competition closed.

After Christmas, I was catching up on some blog reading and noted on the German language Bernina blog that a lucky winner had been chosen – not me, sadly.  Oh well…   But this morning, I read a little further down my blog list as far as the Bernina English blog and discovered this:

Fullscreen capture 08012016 151748

Wooooohooo!  Thank you, Bernina xx  (and thank you for doing a great job, Glücksfee!

We need a bigger basket

We need a bigger basket